Eazi-Apps continue to roll out software improvements

06 May 2021

One of the most important promises that any franchise can make to its franchisees, is the commitment to staying ‘ahead of the curve’ by any means possible. This is especially true when dealing with technology. The Eazi-Apps core team is made up of several important sections that focus on separate areas of the business, and the team of developers are an essential part of this. Each month, Eazi-Apps announce their latest updates, upgrades and developments in their internal blog, and via network exclusive webinars, and existing partner gets the opportunity to learn and apply the new and improved functionalities of the software that powers the network. 

The latest announcement from the team comes in the form of a brand new “Appointments Pro” feature that has been tried, tested and rolled out to the network. Appointment booking is an essential feature for many businesses, and that’s why Eazi-Apps has made improvements to the Appointments feature that was previously being used by their network. The new feature comes with some of the following updates: 

  • Class booking – perfect for gyms and yoga instructors.
  • All-in-one calendar – so regular customers can view their existing bookings. 
  • Auto confirmations – keep customers in the loop and save time with automatic emails.
  • Progressive loyalty integration – incentivize appointment booking by rewarding frequent bookings. 

This is just one of the latest features announced, and just a handful of the benefits associated with it. If you’re interested in discovery more about the technology, training and support that Eazi-Apps provide for their network of successful partners, contact us to book an introductory call with the team. 

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