Eazi-Apps ready up for an increase in demand for Apps for businesses in 2021.

25 March 2021

Throughout the past twelve months, small businesses have been relying on innovative technologies in order survive the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic and all that came with it. Mobile apps have been key player in this, allowing many businesses to mitigate losses and stay top of mind for both their loyal and new customers. From food ordering systems for restaurant owners, to multimedia solutions for the personal training industry, we’ve seen a marked digital transformation in the way that small businesses and consumers are engaging with one and other. 

As the first quarter of 2021 has delivered hopeful promises of a return to normality, it’s no secret that many industries will lag behind whilst the economy take steps toward its pre-crisis condition. Businesses that are able to reimagine their operations and innovate digitally will no doubt have a huge advantage over those relying on the consumer habits they enjoyed throughout 2019. Mobile apps for small businesses have been a key candidate for success so far, and will continue to serve the needs of small businesses for three essential reasons: 

1. Convenience

They say time is money, after all. The ability to optimise menial tasks such as appointment booking, reservations and order placements, enables businesses from a wide range of industries to make better use of the human resources they have available. This likely to become more popular as society reopens and businesses see a surge in demand for their services. 

2.     Customer Experience

Smartphone users currently make up the majority of web traffic, as opposed to desktop and tablet. The last year has caused a huge surge in the number of casual mobile shoppers. Businesses that are unable to provide this level of accessibility to their customers will miss out on this guaranteed stream of revenue. 

3.     Return of Investment

The marketing abilities of mobile apps make a quick ROI a pretty conservative promise when speaking to small business. Business owners are able to target their audience using push notifications for no extra charge. Potential customers will receive instant updates, reminders and offers from their favourite businesses, and engage with them directly through the app, with no requirement to travel or log into a desktop computer. The requirement for paid email marketing campaigns and physical marketing materials will begin to shrink and businesses will save capital, whist optimising their marketing capabilities. 

Until now, the average price for custom app build has been between, £10,000-£40,000 depending on the complexity of the app, a figure that is simply far too high for the majority of small business to even consider. The Eazi-Apps network are able to offer uniquely designed mobile apps, for a fraction that price, making them the go-to app development brand for small to medium sized businesses.


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