Pandemic Proof: Eazi-Apps launch a new product to help their partners thrive amid the embers of 2020.

09 December 2020

For years before we had been faced with any talks of pandemics, social distancing and lockdowns, Eazi-Apps have been providing a contact-free, work from home solution to the hundreds of entrepreneurs within their network. The Eazi-Apps partners can carry out their business from the comfort of their own homes and provide solutions to businesses to help them do more online as well, so when the pandemic hit, the company and wider industry were unsurprisingly able to thrive.   

Whilst the company have already been doing great work to help businesses get through this testing time, they have chosen to go above and beyond with their innovative new product: Eazi-Order. This brand new product has been designed to streamline the food ordering process for restaurants, takeaways and their customers, taking into account the current pandemic, and how it’s affected this particular industry.

The most exciting thing about Eazi-Order is that it’s currently being offered as a free additional add-on, to be used and integrated with the solution that Eazi-Apps already offer. Meaning for no extra investment, new partners will receive this invaluable product as part of their Eazi-Apps license. Eazi-Apps haven’t announced when this will no longer be the case but for anybody looking to take advantage, now’s the time to contact their business development team.

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