Eazi-Apps launch new business opportunity; Eazi-SEO

17 March 2020

Eazi-Apps are excited to announce the launch of Eazi-SEO, the latest addition to their digital marketing business opportunities.

It is no secret that small and medium sized businesses are struggling to compete with larger enterprises. Eazi-Apps are opposing this norm by giving Eazi-Seo partners the ability to help smaller businesses perform higher with search engines (Google, Bing etc.) and drive more traffic to their website. Eazi-SEO partners introduce state of the art technology and advanced SEO services to businesses without the need of being an SEO expert.

So how are Eazi-Apps doing this? Well, generally, businesses looking to increase their performance on these search engines would have to employ expensive agencies or consultants and these services are often very difficult to track or measure. With Eazi-SEO, partners can quickly compose a multitude of bespoke strategies that will provide step by step instructions on exactly what they need to do to help their client’s businesses online presence.

Zakir Daud, CEO of Eazi-Business, said “SEO is becoming more and more important as we progress deeper into the digital age. Small and medium size businesses believe the world of Search Engine Optimisation is far too complicated and expensive. We have made it our mission to allow partners to offer effective SEO solutions to businesses with a much smaller digital marketing budget.”

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